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Common issues and solutions to Cloud-ComputingEdit

- Reduce the risk of losing data by using it for non-essential purposes

Using Cloud computing services for non-essential purposes such as only backing up items that are not essential to a business. This is a crucial prevention technique for not loosing essential items, if to say that a Cloud-Computing service looses a back-up.


- Ensure that you have a back up service or facility

Using a Cloud-Computing service should not replace a back-up on a hard-drive / external hardrive / etc... If a Cloud-Computing service is lost and items you've backed up on there aren't anywhere else can cause major problems


- Use only on a small scale until benefits and problems are clear

Cloud computing services should not be used to back-up extreme amounts of data because data loss can cause major problems with businesses


- Make sure copies of data can be stored and made available on your own computers

Cloud computing services should only be used to back-up data not to access only copies of data becasue if there is a problem with the service, data can be lossed


- Compare cloud companies

Different Cloud-Computing services have different advantages / disadvantages over other Cloud services. Some examples of this are Accesability to your Cloud Computing services (some services don't provide 24/7 access), some only allow a certain amount of data to be stored)


- Look at future needs of your business

Some business don't require Cloud computning services due to the lack of data that actually needs to be backed-up, this can cause money loss with small businesses

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