These are the following issues involved with Cloud Computing

Legal and Ethical issuesEdit

Different countries have different laws regarding the use of Cloud-Computing services, an example of this is which uses a Cloud-Computing service to store its files, this is a website it can be accessed anywhere but copyright laws in Australia state that items must be purchased to achknowledge the use of illegal items. originates from Switzerland, in Switzerland there are no laws regarding the purchases and use of copyright items so this becomes a world-wide legal issue regarding Cloud Computing

There are not much Ethical issues regarding Cloud Computing as Legal, Environmental and Social. But they are just as big of an issue. Ethical issues regarding Cloud-Computing usually relate to the use of the back-up, such as the different items being uploaded to back-up, are they appropriate? Legal to the present state / country?

Evironmental and Social issuesEdit

There are no known Environmental issues regarding Cloud-Computing, none were found 

Social issues regarding Cloud-Computing can be the hacking of someone's back-up or copying someone else's back-up. There are many Social issues involved in the Cloud Computing media