The following is a collection of both Primary and Secondary sources that will help inform you about the rapidly growing ICT topic, Cloud Computing.

This article discusses the rise in both use and popularity of cloud computing and that soon ‘Cloud Computing’ will just be referred to as ‘Computing’. It goes into acceptance and the fact that eventually is will just become normal “It is difficult to project how the cloud will evolve, Jackson said, but I think the acceptance level will increase and utilization will increase over time”. It also says that as well as governments, environmental agencies are starting to use cloud storage.

This article is about a new computer called the Nebula One that allows companies to build their own private computing clouds for about $100,000, it also really shows the capability of what can be done with cloud computing. The creator, Chris Kemp, made Nebula One capable of doing the same things as big companies like Google, Amazon or Microsoft but made it available to everyone. Nebula One is a great example of what cloud computing can do not only for now but for the future too.

This article gives an insight of what will happen in cloud computing in 2013. Although this is mainly based on what will happen in big businesses it also touches on general consumers. The main things outlined in the article are; Backup to the public cloud as an extension of virtual infrastructures, Cloud subscription models, Cloud-based disaster-recovery-as-a-service, integrating de-duplication and cloud data protection


As a primary source of information we also conducted a survey to see the knowledge and understanding our peers have on cloud computing. The results and appropriate graphical representations of the information collected from the survey can be found on the Graphs page