Positives of Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing has both Positive and Negative sides to it


Cloud computing offers many benefits. These include:

  • It gets rid of back up worries by storing files on a secure, reliable, cloud based service
  • It lets you easily collaborate with people all around the world
  • Cloud services are easy to use as you only need a computer/mobile device, browser and an internet connection
  • Cloud-Based services can help people and businesses reduce their software and other general computing costs significantly
  • Gives you access to your data anytime, anywhere
  • They don’t need maintenance to be done by the user
  • Small businesses can access the same quality of cloud services as big business can
    Cloud risk

    Negatives Of cloud Computing

  • It can be updated easier
  • It’s cheap 


Cloud computing also has its disadvantages. These include:

  • Less Control, because you are giving your data and information to company to look after, you don’t have total control over you data like you would with a personal hard drive
  • Security, because you have less control over your data, it increases the risk of hackers getting to your information 
  • Possible Downtime, if you or your business becomes dependent on connection to the cloud it can become a problem, because if you or the business that stores your information has an outage, you won’t be able to access it
  • Data Loss, If something happened to the company’s servers or they went out of business your data could be lost